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Q - What is sterling silver?

A - Sterling soler is an alloy (mix) of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper but other metals are used depending on the use.  Fine silver, 99.9% pure silver, is generally too soft to use to make or wear jewelry so silver is alloyed with other metals to provide strength.  Due to the presence of copper in the sterling silver alloy, sterling silver may tarnish or oxidize when the copper interacts with oxygen or moisture.  The discoloration can be removed with silver polish or cloth.

Q - Why does base metal jewelry (copper, brass, bronze) colors my skin?

A - Everyone's skin chemistry is different.  Some people have strong reactions to base metal, especially on the fingers and wrists.  Others have no reaction at all.  There is no permanent solution to this issue, other than to buy sterling or other precious metal jewelry.

Q - Does Studio Juliet make custom jewelry?

A - Yes.  I'm always happy to work with customers to create new designs.  Please email julie@studiojuliet.com to discuss the process.

Q- Can I specify length of chain?

A - Studio Juliet is happy to accommodate chain lengths.  Please email julie@studiojuliet with your request.  there may be a small additional charge for some chains.